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about common stage

our mission

Common Stage Theatre Lab uses theatre as a tool to inspire a more empathetic community.

We strive to expand our understanding of each other through creative theatre projects.

Through collaborative devised theatre, community members serve as actors & artists, sharing their voices to foster a safe and productive forum for social change.

our vision of success

Success looks like new, innovative, never before seen theatre. 


Success looks like more Meridianites and east Mississippians engaging with each other in a creative process. 


Success looks like more trained theatre artists in our community and put to work.


Success sounds like people talking about difficult things.


Success feels like understanding, not judgment.

Success feels like unity.

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Common Stage Theatre Lab uses a variety of theatre activities, practices, theories, productions and more to create new theatre works that are developed by, for, and with the community. 

You might see common stage engaged with schools and teachers as they work to use theatre as a tool for teaching...

You might see common stage perform a new play that was inspired by a local...

You might see common stage play games with the community to facilitate dialogue with others...


Meridian loves art. Meridian loves theatre. Meridian loves to take care of each other. Meridian often takes care of each other without knowing each other. 


Common Stage exists to inspire a more empathetic community. Theatre is the tool we use to fulfill this purpose.


Our community needs to engage in constructive dialogue, to find common ground, and theatre is the medium through which we encourage self expression, collaboration, and communication.


On a stage...

At a park...

In a school...

Wherever the community needs us...

On common ground. Located in Meridian, MS & surrounding areas.

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